Unveiling the Voice Talents: Meet the English Voice Actors for Tribes of Europa!

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tribes of europa english voice actors

Tribes of Europa: Unveiling the Talented English Voice Actors


The Netflix original series, Tribes of Europa, has taken the streaming world by storm with its captivating storyline, rich visuals, and remarkable voice acting. Behind the scenes, a team of talented English voice actors have brought life to the diverse characters that inhabit the post-apocalyptic world of Europa. In this article, we will delve into the world of Tribes of Europa and shine a spotlight on the gifted voice actors who have lent their voices to this thrilling series.


The Voice Behind Kiano – James Newton

One of the central characters in Tribes of Europa is Kiano, portrayed by the talented English voice actor, James Newton. With his ability to effortlessly convey a range of emotions, Newton brings depth and authenticity to Kiano’s character. His powerful voice captures the essence of Kiano’s journey, from a young rebel seeking freedom to a leader torn between loyalty and survival.


The Enigmatic Voice of Liv – Emma Walsh

Emma Walsh, the talented English voice actor behind the character Liv in Tribes of Europa, delivers a mesmerizing performance. With her distinctive voice, Walsh brings out the complexity of Liv’s character, a member of the Atlanteans tribe. Her ability to embody both the vulnerability and strength of Liv is truly awe-inspiring, captivating viewers with each line she delivers.


Meet Elja’s Voice – Oliver Mills

Oliver Mills, the talented voice actor portraying Elja in Tribes of Europa, showcases his exceptional skills through his portrayal of this young and courageous character. Mills masterfully captures Elja’s determination and innocence, creating an emotional connection that resonates with the audience. His nuanced performance adds depth and authenticity to Elja’s journey throughout the series.


The Versatility of David Thompson

David Thompson, a prominent English voice actor, demonstrates his versatility in Tribes of Europa by lending his voice to multiple characters. His ability to bring distinct personalities to life is commendable, as he seamlessly transitions from one character to another. Thompson’s contributions to the series provide a captivating and immersive experience for viewers.



The English voice actors behind Tribes of Europa have truly elevated the series with their exceptional talent and dedication. James Newton, Emma Walsh, Oliver Mills, and David Thompson have breathed life into the characters, captivating audiences with their nuanced performances. Their contributions to the post-apocalyptic world of Europa are nothing short of extraordinary, further enhancing the viewing experience for fans of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the voice actor for Kiano in Tribes of Europa?

James Newton lends his voice to the character Kiano in Tribes of Europa.

2. Which English voice actor portrays Liv in the series?

Emma Walsh delivers a captivating performance as the voice of Liv in Tribes of Europa.

3. Who voices the character Elja in Tribes of Europa?

Oliver Mills brings Elja to life with his exceptional voice acting skills in Tribes of Europa.

4. How many characters does David Thompson voice in the series?

David Thompson showcases his versatility by lending his voice to multiple characters in Tribes of Europa.

5. Are the English voice actors the same as the original German cast?

No, the English voice actors are not the same as the original German cast. They provide the English dubbing for the series, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for English-speaking audiences.

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