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tribes of europa elenco

Tribes of Europa Elenco: Exploring the Cast of Netflix’s Post-Apocalyptic Series

Netflix’s Tribes of Europa has captivated audiences with its thrilling and dystopian storyline set in a post-apocalyptic Europe. As viewers delve into the show’s intricacies, one aspect that stands out is the talented and diverse cast that brings the characters to life. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Tribes of Europa elenco, highlighting the actors and actresses who portray the fascinating individuals in this gripping series.

The Crows – Emilio Sakraya as Kiano, Henriette Confurius as Liv, and David Ali Rashed as Elja

The Crows, a notorious and resourceful group, play a central role in Tribes of Europa. Emilio Sakraya takes on the role of Kiano, a conflicted member of the Crows who finds himself torn between loyalty and personal growth. Sakraya’s nuanced performance brings depth and complexity to his character, capturing the audience’s attention at every turn.

Henriette Confurius portrays Liv, Kiano’s sister, who possesses a strong and determined personality. Confurius’s portrayal of Liv is both fierce and vulnerable, creating a captivating presence on screen. Her chemistry with Sakraya adds an extra layer of intrigue to the sibling dynamic within the Crows.

David Ali Rashed plays Elja, a young and curious character whose journey becomes intertwined with the fate of Europa. Rashed’s portrayal of Elja exudes innocence and determination, making him a character that viewers easily root for. His interactions with the other members of the cast bring a sense of warmth and hope to the series.


The Origines – Oliver Masucci as Moses, Melika Foroutan as Varvara, and Ana Ularu as Grieta

The Origines, a group fighting for the preservation of knowledge and culture, provide a contrasting perspective in Tribes of Europa. Oliver Masucci portrays Moses, a wise and enigmatic leader. Masucci’s portrayal is captivating, showcasing the complexity of a character burdened with the responsibility of leading his people.

Melika Foroutan takes on the role of Varvara, a skilled fighter within the Origines. Foroutan’s performance encapsulates Varvara’s determination and internal struggles, making her character a compelling addition to the series. Her chemistry with Masucci adds an intriguing layer to the dynamic between Moses and Varvara.

Ana Ularu portrays Grieta, a resourceful and cunning character within the Origines. Ularu’s portrayal brings a sense of mystery and unpredictability to Grieta, making her an intriguing presence on screen. Her interactions with the other characters add tension and excitement to the unfolding story.

The Atlantians – Robert Finster as David, Benjamin Sadler as Jakob, and Jeanette Hain as Amena

Robert Finster takes on the role of David, a compassionate and resilient Atlantian. Finster’s portrayal captures David’s emotional journey, showcasing his growth and determination in the face of adversity. His performance adds depth to the Atlantian storyline, keeping viewers invested in his character’s fate.

Benjamin Sadler portrays Jakob, a charismatic and strategic member of the Atlantians. Sadler’s portrayal brings a sense of charm and complexity to Jakob, making him a character viewers love to hate. His interactions with the other cast members create tension and intrigue, driving the narrative forward.

Jeanette Hain plays Amena, a strong and influential character within the Atlantians. Hain’s portrayal exudes power and authority, making Amena a force to be reckoned with. Her chemistry with the other actors adds depth to the Atlantian storyline, keeping audiences engaged throughout the series.


The Tribes of Europa elenco consists of a talented group of actors and actresses who bring the complex and diverse characters to life. From the conflicted members of the Crows to the determined fighters of the Origines and the resilient Atlantians, each cast member contributes to the gripping storyline that has captured the hearts of viewers. With their captivating performances, the Tribes of Europa elenco ensures an immersive and thrilling viewing experience.

FAQs About the Tribes of Europa Elenco

1. Who plays Kiano in Tribes of Europa?

Emilio Sakraya portrays Kiano, a conflicted member of the Crows.

2. What character does Henriette Confurius play in Tribes of Europa?

Henriette Confurius portrays Liv, Kiano’s sister and a determined member of the Crows.

3. Who plays Moses in Tribes of Europa?

Oliver Masucci takes on the role of Moses, the wise and enigmatic leader of the Origines.

4. What character does Robert Finster play in Tribes of Europa?

Robert Finster portrays David, a compassionate and resilient member of the Atlantians.

5. Who plays Amena in Tribes of Europa?

Jeanette Hain plays Amena, a strong and influential character within the Atlantians.

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